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Formed in 2017, the Vic Falls Enviro Watch is a trust which focuses its efforts on conserving the wildlife and wilderness of Victoria Falls and its surrounds. It is made up of experienced, knowledgeable and passionate residents and stakeholders but remains objective in all issues bought forward to VFEW

The VFEW has recently been formed by Zimbabwean residents residing in the Town of Victoria Falls and is looking to build a network of volunteers and like-minded organisations in the following endeavor.

As the town of Victoria Falls grows and the tourism numbers increase there has been an uptick in development. Interest from local, regional and international investors has shown that there is a lot more development to come. Zimbabwe has gone through a generation of reduced investment and the country is hungry to grow and take its rightful place as a regional leader in the tourism industry and generally as an economic hub. The Victoria Falls is seen as a catalyst to this impending growth.

The Victoria Falls is a unique case in that the development of the town, since independence has been well planned, specifically in regard to the preservation of the nature and wild life within in which the town finds itself. The local government has embraced the idea of strictly keeping game corridors, buffer zones along main roads and access to the river among other green initiatives. This has allowed the town to keep the feeling of a “village in the bush” and gives it an extra charm to visitors and residents alike creating a value that few destinations have.

In the National Parks that surround the Victoria Falls similar efforts to carefully balance the wilderness feel and the viable development of lodges, road networks and in the rain forest keeping to a look and feel that is wild yet safe. The department of National Parks needs to be commended in these efforts.

It is the vision of the VFEW to play a role, representing the private sector in Zimbabwe in assisting the local government and other authorities in the progressive yet environmentally sound development of the area immediately around the Victoria Falls. It is the absolute view of the organization that the incredible diversity and asset that this town and its surrounds has needs to provide income and create jobs for the people of Zimbabwe not just today and tomorrow but far into the future, for generations to come.

The region is going to see pressure in specific areas to be developed that may not be in keeping with this long term vision. The VFEW will work closely with current operators, land owners and prospective investors within the laws of the country and always within careful and open discussion with the relevant authorities.



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