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An organization established to promote conservation and the environmentally sound management of Victoria Falls and its surrounding areas for the benefit of the people, the wildlife and the wilderness.


Victoria Falls Zimbabwe is experiencing exciting times in terms of growth and development. However, if this expansion continues unabated without careful planning and management, the end result could be disastrous, which will inevitably change the face of the region forever.

 Will we be spectators to this possible long-term shift in the intrinsic value of the area. Will we be the generation that sits quietly, whilst the gift of nature deteriorates in value for future generations.

 Victoria Falls Enviro Watch (VFEW) is a registered non-profit trust that has been established to not only tackle essential environmental issues, like the plight of animals being killed on the Kazangula road but also to be active in the implementation of a comprehensive Park and Town plan that will act as the blue print for future development.

 It is a positive body that does not aim to stop development but rather encourage it, ensuring at all times though development is undertaken in a sustainable and responsible manner, taking all factors into consideration. An organization that is proactive and not reactive, an organization that works together with the authorities and stakeholders and not against them to see a brighter future for the town and country. 

 VFEW is there to represent the community and their views. To be an established platform for the community to deal with and raise issues of concern, both big and small. It requires the mandate and support from the community to fulfil its objective.

If you would like to support VFEW in any way, or have any recommendations, ideas, concerns or complaints, please contact us and a member of our team will get back to you.



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