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Who is VFEW

  • VFEW is a registered trust which seeks to situate itself as a stakeholder/public interest body that shall be consulted for the conservation, protection and development of this area.  
  • VFEW aims to work closely with the Environmental Management Authority, National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, Victoria Falls Town Council, the private sector, and other stakeholders in achieving the betterment of the area.
  • VFEW aims to collect information about planned and ongoing developments as it pertains to the public interest or where it occurs in areas designated for public use such as National Parks. VFEW will maintain a database of confidential and standardized documentation on all projects. 
  • VFEW will take an objective, independent and non-partisan position according to its stated aims and would be willing to mediate between the private sector and stakeholders. 


The aim of Victoria Falls Enviro Watch shall be; in line with Section 4 (a) of  the Environmental Management Act which provides that ‘every person shall have the right to protect the environment for the benefit of present and future generations, and to participate in the implementation and promulgation of reasonable… policy and other measures…’; to promote conservation and environmentally sound management of Victoria Falls and its surrounding areas for the benefit of the wilderness, the wildlife and the people.

Current Trustees

The trustees of VFEW are residents of Victoria Falls and are all volunteers, offering their time freely.








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