A few areas of specific interest for VFEW that we are working with impacted departments and communities on.

  • Park Project Plan
    Working in collaboration with National Parks to ensure all development in the Zambezi National Park is done in accordance with a master plan taking in consideration the impact of development to the environment.
    • Development that ensures sustainability
    • Preservation of wildlife corridors

  • Kazungula Road
    The Kazungula Road, from Victoria Falls to the Kazangula border, runs through the Zambezi National Park, which is also an essential and vital wildlife corridor, between Kasane / Chobe, Botswana and Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

    There are many night time accidents where wildlife and people driving are injured or killed.  As this road passes through a National Park, VFEW is working closely with National Parks and Transport and Infrastructure Development for stronger restrictions on the traffic passing through it.

  • Zambezi Drive
    VFEW is working in collaboration with National Parks to assist with signage to reinforce park rules to try to maintain the pristine natural corridor along Zambezi Drive.

  • Wood Road
    Exploring the establishment of a green zone on Wood Road that would protect the animal corridors allowing wildlife to move freely without being constrained by further human development.

  • Victoria Falls National Park and World Heritage Site Development
    Along with National Parks ensure the protection of the World Heritage Site from any detrimental commercial development that impacts the environment.



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