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Victoria Falls Enviro Watch responds to issues and concerns that have been brought to it by members of the local community. Only issues that directly affect the environment are taken on. Please visit our "Issues" page to see some of what VFEW has dealt with to date.

VFEW aims to collaborate with all other conservation and environmental organisations in the area, each one supporting the other but with the intention not to duplicate efforts.

VFEW is absolutely not opposed to new developments done in a controlled and sustainable manner that takes into consideration all aspects. Developments must however have proper Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA's) approved by Environmental Management Agency (EMA). 

In some instances these EIA’s are not completed thoroughly, yet permission is still granted. VFEW's aim is to scrutinize these EIA’s, to ensure that they are not mere tick boxes on an application form. What is the actual impact the development is going to have on the environment? Have all the correct and legal channels been followed in obtaining permission?

In instances where the board feels, after considerable deliberation, that development initiatives are unsuitable or damaging to the biodiversity or wilderness values of Victoria Falls and the surrounding area, it would challenge such an initiative. Initially by engaging in dialogue with the developers and authorities, and only taking further action if the situation cannot be resolved.

The trustees of VFEW meet on the first Monday of every month to discuss and make decisions on issues in hand. They also hold extra meetings should urgent matters arise.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote the conservation and environmentally sound management of Victoria Falls and its surrounding areas for the benefit of the wilderness, the wildlife and the people.

Our Vision

To become an intermediary between the private sector and local government and other authorities in the progressive yet environmentally sound development of the area immediately around the Victoria Falls, remaining objective in all issues bought forward to VFEW.





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